Me in the world

In the business world, for the past 5 years, I’ve been a Marketing Manager with a financial publication company charged with  the daily task of  educating and persuading over 100,000 decision makers to network, learn from or interact with their peers at live events.

My personal life has been a kaleidoscope of travel experiences, and an interesting series of relationships and friends who come in an out of my life giving me a great opportunity to learn something new about myself.  I have no cats or dogs at this stage but that may well change at any time.

Generally, living a spiritual life in a seemingly nonspiritual world is a constant challenge especially when you work in a corporate setting but I strive to live for that perfect balance.

Big city life is a blessing and curse. It’s a blessing because of all the opportunities that are readily available for the taking if you’re up to the challenge. It’s throbbing with energy of everyone excited about what prospects lie around the next corner and you get sucked in to the excitement of what may be and you feel blessed for what possibilities may arise.  Beautiful parks, beautiful clothes, beautiful experiences  and a potpourri of people all from all corners of the world that you’ve never heard about rooted in one place, bursting with experiences and skills they’d like to share.

It’s a curse because you’re excited about what opportunities may lie out there in your future, and you’re blind to the here and now and what is around you.  You no longer see people for who they are;  you see people for the opportunity or a means to pass time you’re trying to fill or to get to the next level.  In living this life, all this may not seem apparent.

You will convince yourself you love someone; you may say you love that red canvas shift dress with 80s shoulders and exposed silver zipper, only because it’s all the rage, you may be someones friend because it suits you at this minute.  That is the curse.  You forget yourself and may hurt yourself and others.

I may not be all these things but I’m just as guilty of forgetting to live.

Hopefully while writing this blog, I’ll be able to see myself in a different light.  I can see where my thoughts are as I write this. I will see the people I talk with from the profiles I will feature of singles in this big city and I’ll then be able to see who I am again as a person.

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