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Early spring cleaning thanks to Chuck

Sunset in Mallorca, Spain

I missed the NYC fashion week, well most of it, because around this time for the past 5 years I get this urge to go away for my birthday.  [It was fun, thanks for wondering.]  You should definitely visit Mallorca when you get a chance: Beautiful, serene, tons of windmills, friendly people; and Ibiza, well, we all know what Ibiza is known for.

Partyin' in the streets of Ibiza - Feb 14th Carnival

While I’m traveling, after visiting all the usual touristy spots, I almost always end up going into shopping mode. I first do my scouting to see where all the great spots are and then I pounce!  Well not really pounce… but when you’re in a different country and not understanding the language, the only thing that prevents you from feeling totally out of sync is finding something that you’re, well pretty good at…and for me, one of the things is shopping. [I’m a pretty good marketer too, by the way.]

New clothes, new shoes is such great fun isn’t it?  And then you get back to NYC, in your cozy apartment trying to fit everything into your already over packed room, Oi vey!

For about 5 days I didn’t even bother to unpack because I knew I would have to figure out where to put clothes unworn, I unearthed out of devil knows which container I had it stashed.  I got it figured out eventually after hauling off a huge bag to the laundry.

newly organized crammed shoe stash

I chucked stuff [as in placed in a bag to see if I can sell or giveaway].  It was painful but I did it! The picture to the left was the result!  I may have to repack my shoes each time I pull one out but it works right?

I decided the best way was to see all my shoes out in the open. Maybe I could use one stone to kill two birds–I would be able to see all the shoes I have and not buy more of the same or similar AND if everything is so jammed and packed, I would think twice about bringing another shoe in unless I plan on chucking more shoes.

I didn’t know  when Chuck predicted that spring was around the corner that I would be ahead of the game and would be starting my spring cleaning so early.  Not only have I got the sore limbs to prove it, I’ve got a neat albeit totally crammed shoe stash.


The quiet return of HGTV & Food Network

I’m not going to lie, I was mad! I was hopping mad that I could not get to watch HGTV and the Food Network. I felt like cablevision needed to credit me some money for pulling the channels.

Imagine my surprise when I automatically switched my tv to HGTV and didn’t get the annoying cablevision announcement!

I can’t believe I didn’t know it was back!

Nevertheless, I’m happy that they’re back and now I can look forward to watching my favorite shows again.

Because she said so…

I couldn’t have imagined yesterday that I would be starting a blog ALL BECAUSE SHE SAID SO.

It’s after 5 at work, like any other work day for me in NYC when my phone rings and a long time former colleague is on the other end not being in any way surprised that I would pick up the phone. In between the “can you hear me now”–her being somewhere moving about (she’s now self-employed working from a very well to do locale in Brooklyn) and me still sitting behind my desk in downtown Manhattan trying to wrap-up yet another email that I would like deployed–we begin our talking tango that always begin with the “What’s new” exchange… “I see you’re still at work after 5 as usual,” she says…and I in turn say, “yep, the same ole, same ole..”

We’ve haven’t done this usual tango in months, which could mean that something might have changed.

“Are you seeing anyone?” she asks slicing into our conversation and cutting right into my tendency to go on and on about work. “Nope…” is my usual caught off guard reply–but that wasn’t it.  It’s what she said after her “me neither” response that started the wheels a-turning. She continues, “Do you know that none of my friends are seeing someone?” THIS is interesting, I thought–this is always interesting to women, well me, especially if they’re single like myself.  It’s like finding a kindred spirit or more than a few kindred spirits.  I quickly run through a mental checklist of my friends and while I did have friends in committed relationships, I still found quite a few to be single.

Our discussion went on to form a declaration that between the 2 of us, including ourselves, we did know quite a few eligible single women living in New York City, and it would seem that no one–men–seem to know who we are.

THEN she said to me, “Maybe you should start a blog about women in NYC who are single.”

For some reason, I didn’t do my usual guffaw–this would have been a hilarious thought. Instead I thought it to be a great idea! I mean, I know it’s not a novel idea–people are looking for each other, and there are plenty places to do that.  What I liked was that I could actually give a voice or share a few words rather about some of the single people I know or meet and then tell you about them, show you a picture of them–if they want me to add their pic–and who knows, maybe you can tell me what you think or share your own or a friend’s story.  Hmm I thought, now isn’t that something–not novel–but it IS something, isn’t it?

I must tell you that this is the quickest I’ve ever set an idea in motion, and I’m certainly hoping that this is not the beginning and the end of it.  This whole daily update blog thing could potentially be a stretch for me, but as I sit in bed typing this on my new laptop with the history channel flickering in my peripheral vision, I sense that I may well be able to get something going–at least the writing part.

The next step is to find willing subjects, er friends to share information about themselves, some information that women 30, 40, or 50 something may not want to mention outside of their head, let alone share with a friend or a blogger for that matter. I’m not really interested in sharing their vital statistics, I’ll leave you to read between the lines or judge based on the picture, if there’s ever one.

What I aim to share is “a day in the life” of some of my single friends or maybe strangers who I may meet randomly in my wanderings throughout NYC. I’m looking to share insights or viewpoints from live interactions only. I think a few of us may be suprised to find out that there’s something interesting about them to share.

And so it will begin…shortly.

Be back soon…